Attack Surface Monitoring

Did you secure all of your assets?

Unsecured assets can result in

successful attacks

costing companies a lot in resources.

Attack Surface Monitoring is essential to securing all assets all the time!

Daily Scans

Get a daily updated view of your external attack surface.


Scan results are analysed for changes.

Configurable Alerts

Be notified about changes in your attack surface via configurable channels.


Risks are described and potential mitigations recommended for you to implement.

Attacker probing your assets.

Externally reachable assets are constantly probed by attackers

If attackers have an information advantage and know about assets you don't know about, the risk increases significantly. Attack surface monitoring levels the playing field.

It only takes one mistake

One unsecured port exposed to the Internet can be enough for a data breach or successful compromise to occur.
Attacker exploiting vulnerability

Daily view on your external attack surface

We provide a daily fresh view on your attack surface and alert you on any changes and risks.

System Scans

Be alerted on changes in your attack surface, vulnerable configurations of services and more.

Domain Monitoring

Monitor your own and your suppliers domain for potential phishing attacks and react immediately.

Cloud Security Checks

Monitor your cloud resources for insecure configurations and get notified early.


How we deliver results

By automating tasks we achieve the possibility to provide our customers a current view on their attack surface. Day by day. Provided features are increased on a regular basis due to continuing development.

Daily Scans

Daily scans are performed on your external attack surface* to monitor for changes.

* Limits to the amount of monitored systems may apply.

Flexible Scan Configuration

Configure the scans the way you want. Need critical assets be scanned more often? No problem.

Multi User & Multi Role

Create as many users as you need and assign them roles according to their responsiblities.


Configurable alert channels make sure that you get the important information.

Certificate Expiry Checks

Our scanners inform you in configurable intervals about any TLS certificates expiring soon.

Multi Factor Authentication

MFA ensures that your accounts on the platform are secured from attackers.

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